DigiTimes: Nvidia postpones 3nm GPUs to 2025

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The next generation of Nvidia GPUs, which will be produced on a TSMC 3nm chip process, will not appear until 2025. Insiders report this to DigiTimes. Nvidia would have postponed the release due to the declining PC market and “economic tensions”.

DigiTimes reports that, in addition to Nvidia, several parties have slowed down their 3nm production. For example, AMD would still be on the 4nm process or higher in 2025, and the site also doubts whether Qualcomm and MediaTek will stick to their 3nm plans. An exception is Apple, which according to the site has not made any changes to its plans to use 3nm chips for the iPhone 15 and M3 soc for iMacs.

If Nvidia does not release its 3nm video cards until 2025, that would mean that no new GeForce GPUs will be released this year and next year. Rumor has it that the next generation of RTX video cards will have a monolithic chip design, in addition to 3nm wafers, instead of a chiplet design. The so-called Blackwell GPUs should be twice as fast as the RTX 40 series. Wccftech expected that mainly ‘small innovations’ such as an RTX 4090 Ti and 4080 Ti will be released in the near future, although the manufacturer would still have a lot of excess stock due to the falling demand for video cards and therefore do not want to produce many new GPUs.

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