DICE To Use Old Class System For Specialists In Battlefield 2042

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DICE is bringing the old Battlefield class system back to Battlefield 2042. The current Specialists will be split across the Assault, Support, Engineer, and Recon classes. The rework of the class system is planned to be introduced with Season 3.

The classes each get their own fixed gadget, so DICE announced in a blog post. Assault always has a Med Pen within the new class system, the Support class always carries a defibrillator, an Engineer gets the Repair Tool by default and Recon characters always get an Insertion Beacon. In this way, players should gain more clarity about the skills of Specialists during a game.

Until now, every Specialist could use all gadgets. With the new system, DICE wants to subdivide the various mines, explosives, grenades and the different supply crates under the mentioned classes. What remains the same, however, is the free choice of actual weapons. “There will be no restriction on weapon selection as we can see from feedback that the freedom to choose a loadout is preferred by Battlefield 2042 players.”

The announcement is part of a general battlefield 2042’s devlog upcoming second season, which comes out in September. Season 2 will include a new map, weapons and improvements to two existing maps. In the past season, the map Kaleidoscope was changed and in September the latest version of Renewal will be released. The release of a modified version of Orbital is planned for October. Furthermore, players can expect some weapons from Portal in the regular game from the coming season.

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