Dice Releases Unreleased Metroidvania Game For Sega Mega Drive Yet

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Battlefield developer Dice is going to release a game originally intended for the Sega Mega Drive. Work on the game, dubbed ‘Project Hardcore’, was halted by publisher and lender Psygnosis about 25 years ago, but the game was nearly finished.

Project Hardcore will no longer be released for the Mega Drive, but for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The game is a two-dimensional Metroidvania-type game with a science fiction or cyberpunk theme. A trailer also shows top-down segments in which players drive a vehicle and destroy other vehicles. Incidentally, Project Hardcore will not be the final title of the game.

Unlike Project Hardcore, publisher Psygnosis will not rise from the grave for this matter. The publisher role is fulfilled by Strictly Limited Games, which makes physical releases for smaller games. There is no mention of availability on the PS Store, but it is likely that the game will also be available there at the time of its release. According to the trailer, that release will take place sometime in 2019.

Incidentally, the existence of the project was no secret. A demo of the game was shown in 2010, but at the time it was still working on permission to actually release the game.

Old-school gamers hoping for the game to make it to Mega Drive after all may be comforted by the fact that there’s still a man in the UK working on a new game for the nearly 28-year-old console.

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