Diablo II Update: Resurrected Patches 20-Year-Old Bugs

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A new update for Diablo II: Resurrected fixes a few bugs that have been in the game since the original appeared in 2000. Blizzard has also tried to tweak the different classes so that they are better balanced.

Blizzard released the patch notes for update 2.4 . earlier this week put online. This is a solid update that affects many parts of the game and fixes a series of bugs. Two of these bugs are two infamous bugs in the game that have been around since the original.

This is a bug that causes certain monsters with mana drain to steal more mana from the player than intended. This left players out of mana far too quickly and unable to use spells or other powers. In addition, an issue with fire enchanted monsters dealing too much damage in the Nightmare difficulty has been fixed.

Furthermore, Blizzard has looked at the balance between the classes and made small adjustments. Some quality-of-life improvements have also been added. Blizzard has added an option to the legacy graphics emulation, among other things. Players can now choose between three options, one of which mimics the original as closely as possible and the other two add minor improvements.

Blizzard released the remaster of Diablo II on September 23 last year. The game reappeared for PC, as well as for consoles. The game has received new graphics and allows players to play in 4K. The game can also be reverted to the old graphical style if players want to go for the nostalgic experience.

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