Developers must support iPhone X with iOS apps from April

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Developers may only push new iOS apps or updates from April if they are made with the iOS 11 SDK and offer support for the iPhone X. Apple has announced this in an email to developers.

That means developers will have to use Xcode 9 or later for the development of the apps, according to the mail that 9to5Mac publishes. In addition, they will have to make design changes in their apps. For example, the iPhone X works with a different screen ratio and apps must support it. In addition, apps are not allowed to use the extreme top and bottom of the screen for buttons and other means of operation, because that is where system functions are located, Apple reports.

Apps with support for authentication via Touch ID will also have to update to make it work with Face ID, the face unlock of the iPhone X. Now it works with the same api, so according to Apple, there is mainly work to change the notifications in. the interface.

The mandatory support for iOS 11 and the iPhone X applies to new apps and updates for the time being. It is not yet clear when Apple will require existing apps to support the iPhone X. With the arrival of iOS 11, Apple pulled apps with only support for 32-bit processors from the App Store. The first 64-bit soc in an iPhone appeared in the iPhone 5s in 2013.

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