Developers crack Apple’s AirPlay 2 protocol and work on app

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Developers have cracked Apple’s AirPlay 2 protocol. This would presumably make it possible in the future to stream from an iOS device to a multi-room setup with, for example, a Raspberry Pi. This is now only possible with compatible equipment.

The developers have shared their findings in a closed Slack group, but several people are posting about it on GitHub, which 9to5Mac noted. Although the developers have cracked the protocol, there are now some hurdles to overcome to get it to work on all hardware. What those bumps are is unclear.

After that, there is still software that makes use of the ability to stream to unlicensed devices. This makes it possible to stream audio from an iOS device via a specially made app to, for example, a Raspberry Pi, which controls a set-up in several rooms. That is still impossible.

Developer invano says there is no schedule yet for when an app will be released. The current crack is a Python script that is not ready for everyday use. Developers cracked AirPlay 1 years ago and Apple hasn’t fixed it. The developers hope that Apple will also leave the vulnerabilities that this crack takes advantage of in AirPlay 2.

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