Developers complain that VS Code on Ubuntu 18.04-lts suddenly stops working

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Developers are not happy with a recent update to Visual Studio Code. That no longer works on Ubuntu 18.04, an LTS release. Many complaints are received on GitHub, among others, about the stopped support.

Developers complain on GitHub about the recent January update for VS Code, version 1.86. Maker Microsoft has increased the requirements for that tool, requiring at least glibc 2.28, the GNU C Library that was released in 2018. Ubuntu 18.04 is a long-term support release, which still contains glibc 2.27. This means that many users of the LTS release of the popular distro will no longer be able to use VS Code properly.

The developers complain, among other things, that they did not see the change coming and therefore could not prepare for it. Microsoft writes in the release notes that developers as an alternative the web version of the tool can use. Users could also choose to use an old version of VS Code.

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