Deus Ex creator Warren Spector is working on small-scale multiplayer game

Warren Spector, director of the original Deus Ex, is working on a multiplayer game. His intention is to make another immersive sim, the same genre as Deus Ex. In addition, it should be a small-scale title when it comes to how many players are in a game.

Spector tells that in a conversation with gaming website IGN. He sees multiplayer as ‘the next step in immersive sims’. He did not provide further details about the game, which is called Argos: Riders on the Storm. He does reveal that Deep Rock Galactic and Dying Light 2 are played a lot at Otherside Entertainment, the studio where he works.

Spector is now 67 years old and the IGN piece states that if Argos does not introduce anything new to the genre, in his view it would be time to retire. However, the game maker promises that the game they are working on will.

Spector’s greatest achievement is Deus Ex, a game from the year 2000 for PC and PS2. This is a first-person action RPG that offers the player a lot of freedom. That not only takes the form of choice in weapons, upgrades and special abilities in the form of augmentations, but also in conversations, navigation through levels and how to solve problems. That freedom is characteristic of the immersive sim genre, which also includes games such as System Shock, BioShock, Prey 2017 and Dishonored. Deus Ex often ranks high in the rankings of the best games of all time.

What else the content of Argos: Riders on the Storm will be has not been disclosed. The game also has no release date yet. The studio, Otherside Entertainment, previously worked on Underworld Overlord, Underworld Ascendant and also has System Shock 3 in the works.