Desktop software Google Drive will no longer be usable from March 2018

Google is retiring the Drive software for Mac and PC. In December, the company will stop supporting the software and as of March 2018 the programs will no longer work at all. Users can switch to Drive File Stream and Backup & Sync, according to Google.

The exact date on which Google will stop supporting Drive is December 11, while the programs for PC and Mac will no longer be usable from March 12, 2018. Users of the software can expect notifications from October indicating that Google will stop with the software. Google reports this in an update about G Suite.

In July, Google announced the Backup & Sync service, the successor to Drive on the desktop for consumers. Allows users to backup and sync folders. The Backup & Sync software should also replace the Photos software for the desktop. For organizations, Google offers the Drive File Stream service for streaming files from My Drive and Team Drives from Google’s servers. Starting September 26, Google Drive will make File Stream widely available to G Suite users. Drive File Stream and Backup & Sync can be used side by side.