Deodorant for your shoes? Panasonic can do something with this!

Bah, take off your shoes and just do not see a steaming smoke. But you can smell it, and how! Panasonic wants to save everyone and announces the launch of a deodoriser for your shoes.

Deodoriser shoes

The device is called the MS-D100 and blows ions with a high charge in your shoes. The device connects and puts you on your shoes. This way particles are dissolved to remove odors. You can choose between a normal and a long mode, five or seven hours.

Panasonic is hesitant when it comes to unpleasant odors. The deodoriser for shoes is not the first in the list. Last summer, Panasonic released a pendant that dispels smell from clothing.

Exclusive product

In Japan the shoe deodorant is on sale from September 20th. The price is not yet known, but will be quite high because it is a specific product. Every month, only 1000 devices are made by Panasonic.

The question is whether it really helps. And whether it is better to empty a deodorant into your shoes, which is ultimately the fastest way to make your shoes smell like flowers again. Okay, mixed with a slight sweat smell then.


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