Dell is working on XPS laptop with detachable keyboard

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Dell may be working on an XPS hybrid laptop, which is very similar to the Microsoft Surface laptops. Images have leaked of what appear to be product photos of the Dell XPS 9315t. The manufacturer has not announced anything yet.

The images have been leaked by Evan Blass, which more often publishes reliable information about new products. The images have been shared with 91mobiles and show a first impression of Dell’s hybrid laptop. Other than the images, no details are known.

It is a 13″ 2-in-1 tablet with a detachable keyboard. The images show that the Dell has two USB type-c ports and a front camera. In addition, there also seems to be a sensor available for facial recognition.

On the back we find the XPS logo and according to 91mobiles, the device will be given the model name 9315t. The XPS also has a rear camera. The images show a pen and it seems that touch control on the screen can also be used.

Leaked image of Dell XPS 2-in-1, Source: 91mobiles

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