Data mining iOS 11 suggests the arrival of lte Apple Watch and iPhone X

Dataminers from 9to5Mac have posted a load of information from the golden master of iOS 11, which leaked on Friday. This again speaks of the arrival of three new iPhones, but also of an Apple Watch with LTE connectivity and a small refresh of the Airpods.

9to5Mac reports extensively on the findings in the leaked operating system on its site. The arrival of an Apple Watch 3 with LTE capabilities is betrayed this time by the presence of a screenshot of the wearable’s Control Center. In it you can see an icon that indicates how good the contact with the mobile network is. There is also a cellular toggle in the Control Center. The form factor of the wearable would remain the same, allowing watch bands from previous generations to remain usable. An image of the possible new design has also been excavated.

The iPhone X, the new device with an almost borderless OLED screen and without physical buttons on the front, is also mentioned in these leaks. The screen would become a True Tone Display, which is already in the iPad Pro and can do automatic white balance adjustment to improve color fidelity. The resolution of the screen would be 1125 by 2436, much higher than, for example, the 750 by 1334 pixels of the current iPhone 7.

Because the iPhone X would no longer have a physical home button on the front, extra functionality is assigned to the power button on the side. For example, a double click on the button would take users to Apple Pay and a longer click would bring up Siri. The functions of the button could also be set to your own preferences.

A small adjustment is being made in the area of ​​the AirPods. The LED light that indicates whether the wireless earbuds are charging moves from the inside to the outside of the case, so users don’t have to open them to see if they’re charging.

Finally, iOS 11 introduces new options when it comes to taking photos and videos. The software speaks of a feature called Portrait Lighting, which has modes like contour light, natural light, stage light and studio light. In all likelihood, these are adjustments to the light from the camera flash that should provide more options when shooting. On the video front, 1080p/240fps, 4k/24fps and 4k/60fps options will be added.

Apple will present its new products on Tuesday. In the invitation, Apple doesn’t even give a hint, so it remains to be seen which of the rumors leading up to the event are true and which are not.