Data leaked from OnePlus customers

The data of various OnePlus customers have been put on the street. For the second time in not too long a time, the telephone company is suffering from a leak. Although it was only a short time that an unknown third party was able to view the data, the data from OnePlus customers has been leaked.

OnePlus is leaking addresses

This concerns telephone numbers, names, e-mail addresses and home addresses of OnePlus users. Fortunately, it is not about passwords or payment information. OnePlus discovered the leak itself in a security check and made the news of the leak – as it should be – known through a blog post.

If you are touched, you will receive an email from OnePlus with more information about what happened. If you do not receive a message and you do have a OnePlus, the malicious person will probably not have seen your data. OnePlus takes it further as being: people will only receive spam emails, nothing else.

That is a somewhat strange statement, because internet criminals can, of course, do more with data, especially when it comes to a home address. To prevent this in the future, OnePlus has improved the security measures. In addition, the Chinese police are looking for that mysterious third party who had insight.

Bug bounty program

Moreover, it writes that it will collaborate with a famous data security platform, which on the one hand fits well with the subject and possibly helps to regain trust, but on the other hand, it is a bit strange advertising in a message like this. OnePlus adds that it starts with a bug bounty program at the end of this year. Here, ethical hackers can report problems with OnePlus ’software in exchange for a reward.

As indicated, this is not the first leak that OnePlus customers will encounter. Last year, customers’ credit card details were obtained via the website. This allowed hackers to make purchases on the credit cards of others. It then involved no fewer than 40,000 customers. How many people have been affected this time is still unknown.

IP rating

OnePlus is one of the newer major brands from China. OnePlus is a company that is very committed to the presence of its fans and community and makes adjustments to telephones based on that.

Moreover, it is not in favor of, for example, the IP rating that other telephone providers purchase to prove that their telephones are watertight. OnePlus just throws his phone in a bowl of water to prove it. So in itself very interesting that OnePlus does everything just a little differently, but when it comes to customer data, it is, of course, essential that it is at least as careful as the competition.