D-Link shows USB adapters for 2.5Gbit/s Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6

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D-Link announces a USB-C to 2.5Gbit/s Ethernet adapter. For example, the adapter can be used to provide laptops with a fast Ethernet port. The company also comes with a Wi-Fi 6 adapter with USB-A port.

The 2.5Gbit/s adapter will be named D-Link DUB-250 and has support for USB-C 3.1 gen1 and Thunderbolt 3. The adapter also works in USB 2.0 ports, but then it cannot use the maximum speed due to the limitation of that USB version. A USB 3.1 gen1, or USB 3.0 port, provides enough bandwidth for a 2.5GBit/s network connection. The adapter has built-in drivers so that it is automatically recognized as a network adapter when plugged into a Windows device.

D-Link also presents the DWA-X1850, a USB 3.0 dongle with Type-A connection that adds Wi-Fi 6 with WPA3 encryption to, for example, a laptop or PC. The dongle offers speeds of up to 1200Mbit/s on 5GHz and 600Mbit/s on 2.4GHz. D-Link shows the products at the virtual CES fair. When the adapters come out and what they cost has not yet been announced.

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