Cuddles come to life with the new Augmented Reality app ‘Studio Pets’

Augmented Reality adds something to the real world. It is increasingly being used in apps. Pokémon Go is a clear example of AR. The Pokémons are added to what you see in real life.

A new app that uses AR is Studio Pets. Here puppies of puppies and kittens come to life.

Studio Pets

In the Studio Pets app, take a picture with one of the cuddly toys. You can see this hug in the app. You can pose with the stuffed animal, put it on your shoulder or pet it.

Photos with puppies or kittens have an endearing effect on people. The creators of the app want to make this feeling accessible to everyone. The cuddly toys that belong to the app can even be taken on a trip, in their own travel suitcase. Every plush toy is a different breed with a different character. The photos or videos that you make via the app can be shared on the social media channels.

The app can be downloaded for free via the Google Playstore or Appstore from September. On the website of Studio Pets you can purchase a plush toy.


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