Crytek is working on a new Crysis shooter

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Crytek says it is working on a fourth part in the Crysis series. The game is still in early development; the maker does not share many details about it yet. The company only talks about a ‘next-gen’ shooter.

CEO Avni Yerli says his company is looking for multiple developers to make the game. Yerli promises to come up with more details later, but does not specify when this will be. Crytek says it wants to make the game together with the community, without giving many details about this. Yerli also emphasizes that Crytek will continue to work on battleroyale/survival game Hunt: Showdown.

The first Crysis game appeared in 2007 and became known in part because of the game’s graphic quality, which was met with high performance requirements. In the game, players wear an advanced exoskeleton, which can, for example, make the player invisible or give them more power. Successors to the game appeared in 2011 and 2013, and in 2020 there was a remaster of the first game. A year later, the other two games also received remasters.

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