Cryptocurrency trading hamster Mr. Goxx passed away

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mr. Goxx, a hamster who ‘traded’ cryptocurrencies, died in his sleep last Tuesday. Through a special cage, the rodent made random buying and selling decisions, which could be seen via Twitch.

The hamster’s financial career, and subsequent fame, came from an experiment by two friends in Germany. They wanted to prove the arbitrariness of success in the cryptocurrency industry.

“It seems that most people of our generation see no other option than to throw a large part of their savings into the crypto market. They do this without any idea what is going on with it,” explained the anonymous duo behind Mr Goxx. September to the BBC. “We joked about whether my hamster would be able to make smarter investment decisions than most people do.”

The beast began his cryptocurrency career on June 12, 2021. Attached to his cage, Mr Goxx’s trading office was watched by thousands of Twitch viewers. He made decisions by running around in his wheel to select which cryptocurrency to trade. He then entered a tunnel, after which the chosen digital currency was bought or sold. Whenever he walked through a tunnel, the electronics connected to his office determined Mr Goxx’s ‘decisions’.

After its last trading day on November 22, the hamster had approx 98 euros profit created. His owners have not yet decided whether they want to transfer Mr Goxx’s investment company to another hamster, they report in a twitter thread.

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