Criminals put stolen data from Gigabyte about AMD and Intel online

Criminals put stolen data from Gigabyte online after a ransomware attack in an attempt to get the company to pay a ransom. The files contain details about AMD server processors that have not yet been released.

An archive with 7GB of data from Gigabyte has been put online by the criminals behind RansomEXX, CyberNews writes. That would have been done because Gigabyte failed to meet the ransom demand by August 12. With the publication, the criminals want to pressure Gigabyte to pay. The group claims in a message that Gigabyte will face legal problems if the information appears online. This concerns data that has been shared with Gigabyte on the basis of a non-disclosure agreement.

The archive would contain company information about Gigabyte itself. In addition, the file contains data about AMD’s SP5 socket, for upcoming Genoa server processors based on Zen 4 cores. ComputerBase, among others, writes about this, based on images who is a Twitter user has put online. The file would also contain the source code of Intel’s Manageability Commander software.

Earlier this month, the RansomEXX group infected Gigabyte systems with its ransomware, looting 112GB of data in the process. It wouldn’t be about customer data. Speaking to The Record, Gigabyte said a small number of servers were affected and that they are isolated from the production environment.

Gigabyte Leak