Create dozens or even thousands of folders and name them instantly with New Folder Wizard

The new folder wizard, a portable program for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, is designed to create as many folders as needed in the shortest possible time.

The interface looks a bit like what a batch renamer tool like Advanced Renamer or PowerRenamer looks like, but the similarities end here.

All you have to do is run it after you download it. The application shows all available options and settings on one page.

Use the destination folder bar to find the folder where you want to create the other folders. Enter the folder prefix and suffix to select fixed parts of the name for each folder that is created.

The program does not tell you this, but you can add separators to make the folder names tidier. To include spaces, press the spacebar when the cursor is in the “Folder prefix or suffix” fields. This also works with hyphens, underscores, and other characters.

The Start number / End number options are part of the rename tool. You can set as low as 0 and up to 20000. The numbers determine how many folders the program creates, e.g. if you choose 1 as the start number, 20000 as the end number and 1 as the step, you will get 20k folders.

Suppose you want to create 10 folders. We call the folder prefix Screenshots (space) (hyphen) (space) and suffix as (hyphen) (space) 2019. We choose “0” as the start number and 10 as the end number, with “1” as the step. The first folder is named Screenshots – 01-2019, while the second folder is named Screenshots – 02-2019, and so on.

The Pad Leading Zero option can be optionally disabled. It is set to automatic by default and adds a zero to the name. That is why we saw the zero in the second part of the name (Screenshots – 01-2019), otherwise it would have been Screenshots – 1- 2019.

The New Folder wizard has a preview window with the list of folders created with the selected options. You can use this before you finalize the folders to make sure everything is set up correctly.

Generating the preview is not automatic, so use the Preview button to generate the list. When you are finished, click Create! button and the New folder wizard creates the folders according to your setting. The Copy list option is useful in case you want to save the names of the folders in a text document to keep track of your folders or something else.

Use a text file for folder names

The option to browse for a text file is dimmed until you enable the “Use a text file for folder names” setting; this disables all other options. The program creates the folders based on what the document contains. For e.g. if the text file contains a naming pattern such as the following, the application will use it immediately.

Documents – Draft Copies – Reviews
Documents – Draft Copies – News Articles
Documents – Design copies – Guides

This is easier for complex naming patterns, but annoying when creating many folders because of the manual effort. Click HERE to download this software.

Text 2 Folders is also a small utility like new folder wizard. This is designed to quickly create folders and subfolders. Click HERE to Download Text 2 Folders.