Crash Bandicoot Mobile for Android appears for some users

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is available for some users to download from the Google Play Store. The smartphone version is an endless runner with levels based on the original game. It is not yet known when the game will be released for all users.

Activision confirms to Pocket Gamer that it is a soft launch and that the game is available for some users in Malaysia. Crash Bandicoot Mobile was created by King; that is the company behind Candy Crush Saga and part of Activision. The game is free to play.

A gameplay video shows that the mobile version of Crash Bandicoot is an endless runner, in which players must dodge obstacles and collect items. The environments are inspired by the levels of the original games. Crash Bandicoot Mobile is available in the Google Play Store, but is not yet generally available. An iOS version is also likely to come, but details are not yet known.

A user of the Resetera forum writes that the game includes the “usual tricks of a smartphone game”, such as waiting timers when crafting the weapons needed to defeat bosses. Presumably, such timers can be accelerated for a fee.