Cracking in your iPhone screen? 4 options for repair!

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Of course you cautiously deal with your expensive iPhone, but an accident is a small corner. In a moment of inattention, the iPhone slips from your hands and clatters on the floor. The whole screen of smithereens … What now ?! There are several options for an iPhone screen repair. We have listed some of the options for you – how about repairing your iPhone yourself?

1. Repair at Apple

It might be the first place you think about if your iPhone needs a screen fix: Apple itself. The prices range from € 161.10 for an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE and an iPhone 6 to as much as € 321.10 in the case of an iPhone X. The prices Apple uses for a screen repair can be found on Apple’s page on iPhone repairs . You can take your iPhone to an Apple Store yourself or send it to an Apple repair center.

Did you take out the AppleCare + insurance when you purchase your iPhone and is it still running? Then you are less expensive. You then pay a deductible for a repair of only the screen. For all phones with AppleCare + that is € 29. You can use this maximum twice. The price of AppleCare + differs per iPhone and can go up to € 229.

2. Repair at an authorized Apple service provider

This means the Amacs, Xando’s and Ivizi’s. Apple has certified these stores and you can count on the same quality standards as the Apple itself uses. The service providers are trained by Apple and use the original Apple parts. The certification is repeated annually. One thing, however, is different than at Apple: the prices. It may just be that you are more expensive here for a screen replacement than at Apple. Take care so well. The nearest Apple service providers can be found via Apple’s Service and support location finder .

3. Independent repair service

There are still many companies outside Apple that repair your iPhone. They do not use original Apple iPhone screens, but for example A-quality screens. The prices used by repair services vary widely – but that often depends on the quality delivered. Search at least online for experiences of other customers. And there is an annoying snag: did you have an iPhone repaired outside of Apple, and then you have another defect on your iPhone? Then there is a chance that Apple will no longer want to carry out the repair. MediaMarkt for example warns that manufacturer’s warranty expires . It seems that Apple has become more lenient in the last year. But especially if you just have a warranty on your device, you might want to go to Apple.

4. iPhone screen repair: do it yourself

Yes it can be done and it’s pretty up and coming: repairing your iPhone yourself. This is also recommended especially if you have a somewhat older iPhone. It is in any case the cheapest option – but entirely at your own risk. At, you pay € 21.95 for a iPhone 6 screen . With a repair kit of € 14.95 and a steady hand, it takes about 20 minutes to replace a screen, but take your time. In the video below you can see a very comprehensive step-by-step plan. Even if you are not technically installed, it will drag you through it!

Refurbished iPhone

Do you have an old phone and the prices for an iPhone repair are actually no longer corresponding? Then you can also see that broken screen as a particularly good excuse to buy a new iPhone again. A refurbished iPhone is an option with a friendly price tag.

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