Cooler Master Unveils Orb X Gaming Cockpit And Water Cooled Sneaker X PC

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Cooler Master announces the futuristic Orb X gaming pod with built-in speakers and automated seat. In addition, the brand shows several unconventional gaming PCs, in the form of sneakers and sharks.

The diverse products are part of a bulk reveal of Cooler Master’s various gaming-related products. The brand is already showing dozens of new housings, mice and headphones in a press release in the run-up to an extensive unveiling event on February 16. The brand has not yet made European prices available.

The Orb X stands out in contrast to the more conventional products. The gaming or work chair has already been shown at several trade fairs and the brand now shares more technical specifications. The chair is surrounded by a half dome, a monitor holder and a desk with built-in USB connections and a wireless charger. The semi-enclosed cockpit can accommodate one 49-inch widescreen monitor or up to three 27-inch screens, which attach to the motorized dome and fold up. The seat is also motorized, allowing the user to adjust six parts of the seat by means of a remote control. The back support, the lower back and the pillow can be adjusted in this way.

Cooler Master also says that the Orb X is equipped with a surround sound system with two 2-inch main speakers, two 2-inch tweeters and a 5-inch subwoofer. In the back of the seat housing is a ‘secret’ compartment where users can store PCs and consoles. The connected systems can be supplied with a maximum of 1200 watts of power. Cables from the gaming system to the monitors and speaker system can be connected via internal conduits.

Excluding PCs, monitors and other equipment, the Orb X gaming pod weighs a whopping 358 kilograms. The futuristic chair is almost 2 meters high, 1.3 meters wide and more than 1.7 meters deep.

In addition, Cooler Master is announcing some notable custom PCs. For example, in collaboration with CMODX, the brand makes the Sneaker X, a gaming PC in the form of a sports shoe, equipped with an integrated water cooling system. The computer must have room for the ‘latest high-end graphics cards’ and other advanced PC components. The Shark X uses the same principle, but as the name suggests, it is a water-cooled gaming PC in the shape of a shark.

The Sneaker X can be ordered from the third quarter, but there is still uncertainty about the Shark X. Cooler Master reports that the ‘possible release’ of the shark-shaped PC would be in Q4 of this year.

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