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PDF files and this particular format have a lot of obvious benefits. But one of the most common errors faced in handling PDF files is that of its size. Large PDF files can be a pain in the ass when reading, opening, sharing, or even uploading them. The only solution to get rid of this problem is by shrinking the size of PDF files.

In the past, the only known method of PDF compression was to convert or save it in word and remove all the unnecessary data and images from it. But this manual method of compression has become outdated. Manual shrinking of files has no real effects on its size.

So instead of wasting your time learning manual PDF compression, we would like you to focus on the online compression of PDF files.

What are online PDF compressor tools?

If you have never heard of the online PDF compressor tools, then this is your lucky day. Today you are going to learn all about digital compressions and the best PDF compressor tools.

Online PDF compressor tools are the utilities that can help you shrink your large PDF files using advanced shrinking techniques. The online compressor tools can automatically reduce the size of your PDF files without removing any contents from them.

You must be wondering how the tools can reduce the size of files if they don’t remove the text or any other content from them. You should know that these online compressor tools would reduce the quality of the file to a considerable extent. This reduction of quality directly affects the size of the PDF file.

There are two kinds of PDF compressor tools in the digital market. The first kind is the tools that automatically set the file’s quality to a low level and shrink it. The second type of tool is the one that would ask you to set the level of compression according to your requirements.

Benefits of Online PDF Compression

Before we tell you about the best PDF compression tools, we would like you to know about the common benefits of shrinking PDF files!

  • Shrink your files for free

The most important benefit of shrinking your files with the help of online PDF compressor tools is that they are free to use. So by using the online PDF compressor tools, you can save all the costs wasted in manual compression.

  • Save time with digital compression

With the help of digital compression technology, you can easily save time. Manual compression of files, as we told you earlier, was not at all effective. Moreover, manual compression tools take a lot of time. If you don’t want to waste time, you can take help from online PDF compressor tools. Online tools can shrink/reduce the size of your file in less than seconds.

  • Save your data with digital compression

The online PDF compressor tools are not going to remove anything from your large PDF files. So you don’t have to remove or get rid of any data from the file. The compressor tools would shrink the files based on their visual quality.

How to use the online PDF compressor tools?

Using an online PDF compressor tool is a simple piece of cake. Even if you haven’t used the online PDF compressor tools, you can still utilize them like a pro. In this section, we will list out the steps you have to follow to use an online PDF compressor.

  1. First of all, navigate the PDF compressor tool on your browser. Most PDF compressor tools are based online, so you can use them on any device you want as long as you have a strong web connection.
  2. After opening the PDF compressor tool, you have to use the uploading options to enter the large PDF files in the tool.
  3. You can easily feed input files from your local storage as well as your cloud storage spaces.
  4. After entering the PDF file, you have to click on the ‘compress PDF’ option.
  5. Your input file would be reduced to a lower size.
  6. Download the reduced file.
  7. Repeat!

Now that you know the process/steps you have to follow in digital compression, it is time that you know about one of the most popular PDF compressor tools in the league.

PDF Compressor by Duplichecker

Duplichecker offers tons of free SEO tools and the PDF compressor tool is one of the famous utilities. This free PDF compressor is efficient and you can use it to reduce pdf files unlimited without any hassle. This compress pdf tool has a simple interface and can be used by all sorts of users who want to reduce the size of their files. We would like you to know that this PDF compressor tool has tons of features.

Some of these are:

  1. Free and infinite shrinking.
  2. Compressing PDF files to Kilobytes.
  3. Securing the input as well as the output files.
  4. Compatibility with all sorts of devices.
  5. Compression of PDF files in different qualities!

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