Company claims to be able to remove UHD Blu-ray copy protection

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The Russian company Arusoft claims to be able to remove the aacs 2.0 protection from uhd-blu-ray with its software DeUHD. The software currently supports a limited number of UHD Blu-ray drives and movies in the format.

TheUHD does its job in the background and after uninstalling aacs 2.0 should be able to automatically rip uh-blu-ray movies when using a compatible optical drive. The software writes the file as iso, or places the files in a folder, after which video players such as VLC or KMPlayer can play the videos. That writes Myce, who has been informed by the developers of the program.

The website contains a list of optical drives that DeUHD works with and the thirty UHD Blu-ray films whose program can crack the security. The developers aim to expand both lists. The decryption of a UHD Blu-ray disk would take about four to six hours.

Arusoft has released a trial for DeUHD with which a single disk can be decrypted and eight to ten minutes of material can be written. The full version costs 199 euros. As far as we know, the software has not yet been tested and has not been screened for malware, so caution should be exercised when trying it out. A source of Torrentfreak did not get three films that are on the list cracked with the software.

Aacs is known for being very hard to crack. At the beginning of this year, a file of The Smurfs 2 appeared online claiming to be a rip of the uh-blu-ray version. Since then, more claimed uhd blu-ray rips have appeared online.

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