Commit shows that Google’s Fuchsia OS is being tested on Huawei Honor Play

A commit on Google’s own development platform Google Source shows that developers are taking steps to get the new OS working on a Huawei Honor Play, with its Kirin 970-soc. In addition, Huawei also contributes relatively much to the development of Fuchsia OS.

The changes caught the eye of the editors of 9to5Google. The Google developer speaks of that he has managed to boot zircon on the Honor Play. That’s the kernel of Fuchsia OS, which means the battle for compatibility is still at an early stage. The Honor Play is the first phone to feature this way in the Fuchsia OS codebase, according to 9to5Google.

The Honor Play is a gaming phone from Huawei. The soc on which it runs is used in many other Huawei devices, which would mean that, if Fuchsia actually runs on this phone, it can also easily run on the other devices. These include the P20 Pro, Honor 10 and Mate 10 Pro.

Although Google and Huawei seem to be able to get through a door, the situation is different when it comes to the US government and the Chinese company. President Donald Trump signed a law earlier this year that partially prohibits US government agencies from using Huawei’s hardware at critical points in its infrastructure. This for fear of espionage.

Last month, Google reportedly showed a Google Home Hub that also ran on Fuchsia OS at a presentation. In 2016, it turned out that Google is working on the new mobile operating system. It may eventually have to succeed Android, but it will probably be years before the operating system is ready.

Mock-up of Fuchsia OS