CoD: Warzone gets two-factor authentication for new PC players

Developer Infinity Ward has created two-factor authentication for new Warzone PC players. It’s a measure that only applies to new PC players who play the battle royale part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for free.

This is an additional authentication via SMS, which will come on top of logging in via launcher Infinity Ward presents it as an extra layer of security for players. The measure does not appear to apply to existing PC players who have been playing Call of Duty: Warzone for free for a while and therefore do not own the base game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

This is probably a new measure that the creator of the game uses in the hope of reducing the number of cheaters and hackers. This is still a relatively big problem in Warzone, which is mainly attributed to PC players. To curb this problem, Infinity Ward previously decided to put players suspected of cheating together in a separate lobby. Whether the current introduction of two-step authentication will help remains to be seen, because it doesn’t seem to apply to players who already play the game and there are already more than 60 million.

Publisher Activision and developer Infinity Ward continue to try new game modes. The makers have often adjusted modes in the past, removed them or brought them back later. The regular battle royale solo mode has now been exchanged for the so-called Stimulus Solos mode. In fact, it’s the same mode, with the change that players who die and have enough money can automatically return to the battlefield. The Gulag, the one-on-one combat between felled players that gives them the chance to earn a respawn, is no longer present in this mode.