Co-founder of Elon Musk company Neuralink leaves

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Max Hodak, who co-founded Neuralink with Elon Musk, has left the company. Neuralink focuses on brain-computer interfaces and has never marketed a product or service.

Hodak announced that he left a few weeks ago, but does not say why he left Neuralink. The company made videos public in February of a monkey that can play Pong thanks to the technology of the company. It is unknown when Neuralink products or services will hit the market.

There are various speculations as to why Hodak left. On Twitter, someone notes that he is not a fan of co-founders who leave before a product has appeared. Hodak answers on it with the word ‘same’, which in this context means ‘agree’. This may indicate that he would rather not have left.

Neuralink wants to develop a brain-computer interface. The first goal is to enable paralyzed people to do more by allowing them to operate a computer. Neuralink was founded in 2016, but the company will not announce its plans until 2019.

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