Client-side encryption for Gmail business users is coming to iOS and Android

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Google is bringing Gmail’s client-side encryption to iOS and Android apps. Thanks to this encryption, both the body and attachments of emails are encrypted before they reach Google’s servers. Previously, encryption was only available via the desktop environment.

Before encryption can be used, admins must first activate the feature in the Google Workspace Admin Console. The business end users can then enable encryption by pressing the lock icon according to Google appears in a new email message.

Client-side encryption has been available to Google Workspace and Google Education users since the beginning of this year, but that was only via the desktop environment. Thanks to this encryption, the content of emails cannot be intercepted by third parties, including Google. In some cases, an organization can retrieve the decryption keys to decrypt messages and this is sometimes necessary for compliance requirements.

This encryption can only be used in the Google Workspace Enterprise Plus plan and in the Education Plus and Education Standard plans. The encryption is not available for personal Google accounts for the time being.

Client-side encryption in Gmail app – Source: Google

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