Chromecast with Google TV costs 70 euros in Europe

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Google has announced the new Chromecast and Google TV. The new software has an interface with a ‘watch list’ for all streaming services, an option for live TV with unlimited DVR function and function to view the doorbell image on TV.

The new Chromecast will only be released in the United States for now, while the American manufacturer says its new device will be released in more countries later this year. The price of the remote dongle is $ 49. A price in euros is not yet known. Google Benelux has not yet said anything about the new Chromecast.

The new dongle runs as expected Google TV, reportedly a new version of Android TV with a new interface that focuses on films and series. The interface contains a ‘watch list’ on which films and series can be placed on various streaming services. There is also, at least in the US, the possibility to watch live TV via the dongle, with Google providing a DVR function. In addition, users can show the image of a smart doorbell on the TV. Google TV will replace Android TV on new TVs from Sony and Philips from next year, the search giant reports.

The American manufacturer has made a remote control that, like the dongle, will be available in three colors. In addition, there is a striking Google Assistant button, which is different in color from other buttons. In addition, there are Netflix and YouTube buttons. The dongle streams up to 4K at 60fps.

Update, 8:34 PM: The Chromecast is in the German Google Store for 70 euros and delivery starts on October 16. The headline and text have been adjusted accordingly.

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