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Chrome version 71 blocks all ads from misleading websites

Google says that with Chrome version 71 more will be done on websites that show ads or tools that mislead users, for example by sending them to other, unwanted websites. The new version will block all ads on such sites.

According to Google more than half of the deceptive ads are currently not blocked by the current protections in Chrome. According to the company, virtually all cases involve harmful or misleading advertisements.

These are, for example, advertisements that tempt users to click on them, for example, because they look like system warnings or a close button. Then an unwanted download is started or different pop-ups open. This kind of misleading advertising can also be used for phishing practices.

Google says with Chrome version 71 that it is better to respond to these unwanted practices. According to Google, it is a relatively small number of websites that remain stubborn in showing such misleading advertisements. On these websites, Chrome 71 will block all ads, although Chrome users can also disable this filtering in the settings. Website administrators are given thirty days to remove the unwanted reported practices. Chrome 71 will be released in December.

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