Chrome OS will be updated every four weeks starting late this year

Google will give Chrome OS a new milestone release every four weeks from the fourth quarter of this year. It will soon be in the same rhythm as the Chrome browser. Currently, Chrome OS gets a new version every six to eight weeks.

With the modified cycle, Google wants to “place new features in the hands of consumers faster”, while still “prioritizing Chrome’s core values: security, stability, speed and simplicity”. Google does not report what the faster cycle will possibly change in the size and amount of new features.

The Chrome browser will switch to this faster rhythm in the third quarter, so a little earlier, Google had already announced. To ensure that the browser and OS versions will soon be the same, Chrome OS will skip version 95.

Those who prefer more sporadic, more stable releases will soon be able to access a new update channel. “For business and education users, there will be a new channel with a new update every six months. More details about that will follow later.” The Chrome browser will also receive a similar channel, but with a milestone release every eight weeks. These alternative update channels do not affect the availability of interim security updates, which Google releases more regularly than the milestone updates.