Chrome OS gets support for virtual desktops

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Google releases Chrome OS 78 for laptops and desktops. Among the innovations is the ability to create virtual desktop environments, a feature Google calls Virtual Desks.

Virtual Desks is intended for users who are overwhelmed by large amounts of open screens and tabs. For projects, for example, they can now open Chrome OS Overview and click on New Desk to create a new desktop environment. There are also shortcuts to create Desks and switch between environments. Chrome OS follows with Windows, macOS and Linux, which have long supported virtual desktop environments.

Also new to Chrome OS 78 is the Click-to-call feature, which works with Android smartphones signed in with the same Google account. When users right-click on a phone number on a website within Chrome OS, they can send it to their phone to make a call.

Chrome OS 78 also automatically shows compatible printers on a network and users have to go through fewer steps to add a printer to their profile: this is now possible with a simple save action in the list of printers. Finally, version 78 of the operating system includes a button to provide feedback to the development team: it is located next to the lock and power off buttons.

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