Chinese police and Tencent take sites that sold game cheats offline

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A collective has been arrested that sold game cheats through the joint efforts of the Chinese police and game developer Tencent. The police confiscated about 39 million euros worth of items, including a number of fast sports cars.

Ten people have been arrested in a series of police raids near Shanghai who were involved in operating a website that sold cheats for various games. According to the police, the collective earned about 64 million euros by selling cheat subscriptions to gamers in 100 countries and regions. Users paid from 8.50 euros per day to 170.50 euros per month for the subscriptions.

The BBC writes that according to the Chinese police, it is the largest organization of cheat sellers ever caught because so much money was involved with the website and because it was used in so many games. According to AFK Gaming, the collective focused on cheats for mobile games, including Overwatch and Call of Duty Mobile. During the raid, the police took down 17 different websites that offered subscriptions for cheats, mainly aimed at the Chinese market.

The cars captured by the Chinese police. Photo: Weibo.

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