Chinese Mars rover shares new photos from red planet

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The Chinese Mars rover Zhurong has transmitted new photos from Mars. One of the photos shows the rover in its entirety, next to the landing pad. In other photos we see the Martian surface and traces of the landing.

In one of the photos, according to SpaceNews journalist Andrew Jones placed a small wireless camera on the surface of the red planet, after which the Chinese Mars rover was able to take a picture of itself from some distance. The Chinese flags can also be seen in this photo.

A other picture shows the landing pad from which the Mars rover drove off after landing. On a panoramic photo, which can also be viewed in VR, shows a wide view of Mars and the place where the landing gear, according to Jones, discharged liquids to allow a safe landing.

At the end of last month, the Chinese Mars rover Zhurong transmitted the very first photos it took on Mars. The Chinese space agency CNSA also published some gifs showing Zhurong exiting the space capsule en route to Mars.

Zhurong was launched in July last year as part of the Tianwen-1 space mission. The Mars probe entered orbit around the red planet in February, then spent three months studying its intended landing site. With the successful landing of Zhurong at the end of May, China is the third country to successfully land a Mars rover on the red planet. The United States and Russia preceded China.

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