IEEE publishes li-fi standard for wireless internet via light

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IEEE has standardized Li-Fi in IEEE 802.11bb. This standardization means that more manufacturers can work more easily with wireless internet technology. Proponents claim that internet technology is faster and safer than alternatives such as WiFi and 5G.

Volker Jungnickel, technical editor at the working group behind the li-fi standard, speaks about a ‘critical step’ to enable interoperability between WiFi systems from different manufacturers. The working group has been working on standardization since 2018 and includes representatives from li-fi companies pureLiFi and Fraunhofer HHI.

The working group participants think that Lifi can be used for fast and secure internet in the office and at home, and could also be used for VR. Internet technology is mainly intended for internet at relatively short distances, such as in buildings, and could be an alternative to WiFi and 5G. Li-Fi is said to be less susceptible to interference and offers lower latency than, for example, Wi-Fi, because internet technology works with direct light beams. Because of the use of direct light beams, the technology is also safer, according to proponents, because eavesdropping would be more difficult.

pureLiFi Light Antenna ONE

Certain pureLiFi products comply with the 802.11bb standard and the working group expects more products to be added soon, including from other manufacturers. For example, PureLiFi sells an antenna that users can hang from the ceiling, which sends LiFi infrared light beams downward. The user can then, for example, place a second WiFi antenna on a desk under the antenna and connect it to a laptop to obtain a WiFi internet connection.

Speeds of 224Gbit/s have been achieved in tests, although pureLiFi speaks with its consumer product at a speed of up to 1Gbit/s, depending on the setup. This appears to be a symmetrical speed. This pureLiFi Light Antenna ONE works with a wavelength of 850nm, has a range of 20 to 300cm and has an FOV of 24 degrees. This antenna has dimensions of 12.5mmx14.5mmx4.5mm.

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