Chinese manufacturer comes with rollable phone this year

A Chinese manufacturer is coming this year with a phone that can be folded around the wrist. The device has an electronic ink screen and will initially be available in a version with a black and white screen. A variant with color screen will follow later.

The Chinese manufacturer Moxi wants to make 100,000 copies of the phone before the end of the year, writes financial news agency Bloomberg. These are copies with touchscreens of electronic ink in black and white, emphasizes a CEO of the company. They would be easier to produce and consume less than color screens.

The renders show a phone that can be worn on the wrist and unfolded. Specifications of the device are not yet known. For example, it is unknown what the size and resolution of the screen are. There is also nothing known about the hardware in the device and what software is on it. The manufacturer will ask around 5000 yuan for the device, converted around 680 euros.

Moxi’s phone may be the first touchscreen phone to be fully rollable. Samsung is reportedly working on an Android smartphone with a foldable screen, but the manufacturer has not yet announced anything about it.

The foldable phone isn’t Moxi’s first project that it’s the first. It previously collaborated on the first smartphone that contains graphene.