Chinese company comes with PowerStar P3 CPU, presumably concerns Intel rebrand

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Chinese company PowerLeader introduces a ‘new’ x86 processor, the PowerStar P3-01105. It appears to be a rebrand of Intel’s Core i3-10105 desktop processor, though the company hasn’t confirmed that concretely.

PowerLeader recently confirmed to enter the desktop CPU market with its PowerStar P3 processor, write Chinese media such as ITHome. The company states that the processor is intended for “everyday desktop use,” and is also suitable for professional use in “government, education, energy, industrial, finance, medical care, gaming, and retail.” However, PowerLeader does not share any concrete specifications.

In response to a tweet about the PowerStar CPU Twitter users noted that the processor is likely a rebrand of Intel’s 2021 Core i3-10105 processor. The processor has a design that is almost identical to that of Intel’s Comet Lake processor, writes among others tech website Tom’s Hardware.

Comparison images show that both processors’ heat spreader and substrate are identical. The text on the processors is similar, as are the product names, with “i3 10105” for Intel’s processor and “P3 01105” for the Chinese CPU. In addition, both processors are clocked at 3.7GHz. Also, the QR code on the Chinese processor would be identical to the one on the Intel Core i3-10105.

Chinese reports about the PowerStar P3 CPU do not seem to mention a collaboration with Intel, but it is therefore obvious that the CPU was produced by Intel. PowerLeader does say that the processor “performs several times better” than domestic Chinese processors, seemingly hinting that the processor was not developed in China. The company also sells servers with Intel hardware, although the chips used are not rebrands.

It is unknown why PowerLeader comes with a rebrand of Intel’s Comet Lake processor. Tom’s Hardware speculates that this might qualify PowerLeader for subsidies from the Chinese government for the release of “domestic products”, but that has not been officially confirmed.

The PowerStar P3-01105 next to the Intel Core i3-10105. Source: PowerLeader, Tom’s Hardware

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