Chinese agency Tenaa leaks pictures of an unannounced Honor V8

The Chinese approval authority Tenaa has put images and specs online of the as yet unannounced Honor V8 smartphone from Huawei. The device has a metal housing and has a 5.7 “screen. There are two different variants.

The KN-TL10 and AL10 only seem to differ in color, while the AL20 differs in several other ways. All variants have a metal housing of 7.75 mm thick and screen bezels on the side of 3.31 mm, slightly more than Huawei’s own Mate 8. The TL10 and AL10 have an LCD with full HD resolution, the AL20 comes in at 2560×1440 pixels .

The soc is probably a Kirin 950 for the TL10 and AL10 and a Kirin 955 for the AL20. The specs speak of an octacore processor at 2.3GHz and 2.5GHz respectively, clock speeds that correspond to the Kirin 950 from the Mate 8 and Kirin 955 from the Huawei P9.

Like that P9, the Honor V8 has a dual camera on the back, with two sensors, each with a maximum resolution of twelve megapixels. The images do not show the name Leica, which does adorn the housing of the P9. Last year’s Honor 6 Plus also has two equal cameras on the back. The AL20 has a screen with QHD resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. It would be the first time that Huawei uses such a screen for its ‘own’ device. So far, it only put a QHD display in the Nexus 6P for Google.

All variants have a memory of 4 GB. Honor previously sent a teaser for the announcement of the V8 on May 10.

Honor V8 Dimensions Screen Resolution Memory Storage Clock Speed
AL10/TL10 157.0×77.6×7.75mm 1920×1080 4GB 32GB 2.3GHz
AL20 157.0×77.6×7.75mm 2560×1440 4GB 64GB 2.5GHz