Child accounts with parental controls will soon have access to YouTube Music

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Google is expanding the Family Link parental control program, which will allow children to access YouTube Music and the full YouTube app for TVs with their own account in the coming weeks.

Children previously couldn’t use YouTube Music, even though they were connected to parents who do have a YouTube Premium subscription through Family Link. To use YouTube Music, a full Google account is required, for which a user must be at least 16 years old.

However, Google has now informed users in an email that children who have been given access to the full YouTube app through parental controls will also be able to use YouTube Music in the coming weeks. This includes the Android, iOS and desktop versions. Children under parental control can then also use the full YouTube app for TVs.

YouTube writes that parents can always choose which videos and music a child can listen to or watch on YouTube services, via the content settings in their parent account. However, the company emphasizes that its systems are not perfect and that children can still inadvertently receive inappropriate content.

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