“ChatGPT4 can generate image, video and music and will arrive next week”

The next version of ChatGPT will be able to generate image, video and sound. That said Andreas Braun, the chief technology officer of Microsoft Germany, during an event. According to the man, ChatGPT4 is coming next week. An exact date was not disclosed.

Braun announced the next version of ChatGPT during an AI event in which Microsoft Germany’s management also discussed the evolutions of AI products within the company. According to the German website Heise the man stated that the next version of the chatbot, ChatGPT4, will be multimodal. That is, the AI ​​chatbot’s underlying artificial intelligence will be able to convert text prompts into text, image, video, and sound.

During the event, Microsoft Germany executives came back to the factual falsehoods that the AI ​​chatbot can sometimes generate and stated that the company is working on a fix. According to Microsoft Germany CEO Marianne Janik, ChatGPT has provided “an iPhone moment”. The CEO also argued that the arrival of AI will not lead to job losses. “A lot of experts are needed to turn AI into valuable applications,” it said.