CES 2020: the 12 most bizarre and innovative tech products

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) always guarantees all kinds of surprising, insane and cool tech products. This year is no different. The largest tech fair in the world kicked off today in Las Vegas, where Apple is also present. They don’t present new hardware, but other manufacturers have already unveiled several weird TVs, strange toilets and other remarkable gadgets. These are our 12 favorite CES 2020 products.

1. Inupathy

Sometimes the craziest gadgets are presented during CES. The Inupathy is an example of such a gadget. You attach this leash to your dog and then it sends your pet’s emotions to the phone. How does that work? Inupathy analyzes your dog’s heart rate and deduces how it is feeling based on that. Several dog owners claim that they know, among other things, which treat their dog likes best. uh, woof?

2. The Wall Luxury

The bigger the TV, the further away you have to sit to be able to watch TV comfortably. With a The Wall Luxury on your wall, it is hoped that you have a spacious living room. And also a large piece of wall, because the television has a screen diagonal of 292 inches. That is 7.4 meters, comparable to the diagonal of a football goal. The sample has a resolution of 8K, contains an advanced microLED screen (which is even better than OLED) and is only 30 mm thick. Start saving now; it’s for charity.

3. Sprinkler

Nowadays a needle in the skin is like a pair of scissors through the hair: we find the application the most natural thing in the world. But really: that tattoo will last forever on your arm, leg or side. A new device — called Prinker — does tattoos for people who don’t want to commit forever. With the portable printer, you can put every imaginable drawing on the skin, which you select or import via the accompanying app. They are tattoos up to an inch wide – so a full sleeve is going to be tricky. Putting one takes 3 seconds, after which you can enjoy it for one to three days. The cosmetic ink is waterproof, but you can easily get it off with soap.

4. Numi 2.0

By now, almost everything seems to already have support for a voice assistant. Amazon’s Alexa, in particular, is built into just about anything that has a plug. And if something doesn’t have a plug, it will get one. Like the smart toilet Numi 2.0. In terms of features, the Numi can compete with the best Japanese toilets, but thanks to voice control you can actually find all those functions. We would, however, feel a bit monitored in the smallest room.

5. L’Oreal Perso

Cosmetics company L’Oréal increasingly combines make-up with technology. The latest tech showpiece is the Perso, a lipstick-esque gadget that uses artificial intelligence to create the perfect face cream. You take a picture of yourself, after which the app analyzes the skin condition. The software also looks at other factors that affect the skin, such as UV index and humidity. Perso now knows what your skin needs to be healthy. It mixes ingredients contained in the cartridges into a custom face cream. The gadget is currently only available in the form of a face cream, but at a later stage L’Oréal will also try to sell us a lipstick and foundation version.

6. The Bartesian

You no longer have to be a bartender to sip a homemade cocktail. The Bartesian brings the convenience of the Nespresso capsule to the cocktail. You fill four reservoirs with vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin and water. Then you insert your favorite cocktail capsule (which contains all kinds of bitters and juice concentrates) and choose the strength of the alcohol. With the press of ‘Mix’, the device throws its bartender skills into the mix. Bartesian, what else?

7. Sony Vision S

We know Sony for its PlayStation, televisions and cameras. But the company now also has an electric car. The Tesla Model 3-like car is not going into production for the time being and is mainly intended to demonstrate technological gadgets. No fewer than 33 sensors monitor the surroundings of the car and the car has mirror replacement cameras. The car is 545 hp strong and takes just 4.8 seconds to go from standstill to 100 km/h. The top speed is 240 km/h. Not nauseous, although we go faster on the PlayStation.

8. Motion Pillow

If you care about the person who sleeps next to you, buy a Motion Pillow. At least those are the words of the Korean creators of this pillow, which would put an end to your snoring problem. The pillow detects your snoring, with four built-in airbags putting you in the optimal sleeping position. This way your partner can finally get a good night’s sleep. But do you have that too?

9. The Sero

Also in 2020 the Vertical Video Syndrome (VSS) is not out of the world. People keep shooting video while holding iPhone vertically. That looks awful when you watch the images on the television, with huge black bars on the left and right. The Sero puts an end to that. The Samsung TV rotates automatically depending on what you’re watching. VVS recordings go from zero to Sero.

10. Wizama

They are so clumsy those board games. You take them out every few months, the rest of the time they just take up space and gather dust. And when you want to play something, an essential figure or card is of course missing. It would have been nice to have some sort of e-reader for board games. Oh yes, there it is. You can play all kinds of board games on the Wizama, but digitally. Depending on which game you’re playing, the built-in screen displays a different board and changes the rules. Game on!

11. Juno Chiller

Warming something up, that’s easy. Microwave with it, wait two minutes and it’s hot. On the other hand, cooling something down, for example a beer, is more difficult. Even in the freezer, a bottle needs half an hour to get really cold. The Juno Chiller aims to change that – it’s kind of like a reverse microwave. After two minutes in the Chiller, a small beer is already cold enough to drink, a bottle of white wine takes five minutes. We think it’s very chill.

12. Mimic Bike

With Apple’s Find My, you can find almost everything – your friends and family, your iPhone, your AirPods, your Mac. Reportedly, Apple’s so-called AirTags will soon appear with which you can actually find everything. Until then, we can already protect our bike with the Mimic Bike. This has GPS and can send its location to an internet thanks to a special mobile connection (the so-called LoRaWAN). And unlike comparable products, you have no subscription costs at all.

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