Carriers want to make it possible to use a telephone or bank card as an OV chip card

In the coming years, carriers want to make it possible to travel in public transport with, among other things, bank cards and mobile phones. They should use the same systems as the current public transport chip card.

By linking a telephone or bank card to the system behind the OV chip card, travelers could use it to check in and check out on public transport, explains spokeswoman Froukje Albers of transport company RET in response to a report from on the subject. The only condition is that carriers install new readers that support the functionality; the current gates and posts do not have that support.

Carriers want to add support for bank cards and NFC-enabled phones in the coming years, Albers says. “It will take some time and we are dependent on the plans of more carriers, so I dare not give a concrete date.” The chip card will then not disappear, only other ways to check in and out will be added.

The support for cards and telephones is made possible by the post-payment system, with which the RET does tests. “As a result, less and less is happening at the front end, at the card itself, and more at the backend of the system,” says Albers. “As a result, it is no longer necessary to have a chip card yourself.”