Brits will again pay for roaming when traveling to the EU

The British provider EE is going to charge customers again for roaming in the European Union. It is the first provider to start charging customers again for using mobile internet outside the UK and Ireland since Brexit.

Due to Brexit, mobile providers in the UK can again charge for roaming in the EU. Mobile provider EE has confirmed to Techradar that Britons will start paying again for roaming in the EU from 1 January 2022.

Roaming outside the UK will cost EE customers again £2 per day. You can also buy a pass for £10, which allows you to use mobile internet abroad for 30 days. The new rules apply to all customers who sign a contract with EE after July 7.

In October last year, EE announced that it had no plans to let Brits pay for roaming in the EU again. The company is now coming back from that. A spokesperson told Techradar that the decision has been taken to “be able to invest more in the network and customer service in the UK”.

The other major carriers in the UK have announced that they will again impose more restrictions on roaming in the EU. At O2 there will be a data limit of 25 GB and the provider will charge £ 3.50 per GB if customers go over the limit. Mobile provider Three has reduced the data limit from 20GB to 12GB and an extra GB will cost 3 pounds there.