Bloomberg: New iPhones Get ProRes Video Support

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Apple is rumored to give its upcoming iPhones support for the high-bitrate ProRes video format. That may only be reserved for the Pro models. The Portrait function would also come to video mode under the name Cinematic Video.

Apple insider Mark Gurman writes on Bloomberg about the new camera features. According to his sources, the iPhone maker will place a lot of emphasis on that during the presentation. There would also be a new filter-like system for applying local enhancements to photos. These would be different styles that can be applied, including options for warm or cooler tones and a ‘dramatic look’ with deep shadows. The effects are applied ‘using artificial intelligence’ to objects or people and not to the entire image.

The video feature is reportedly getting support for ProRes. That is an Apple codec for recording high bitrate video. This leaves more room to edit the images afterwards. It becomes possible to record in different resolutions up to 4k with the high quality. The option may only come to the iPhone Pro models, as will the addition of ProRAW for photos in the iPhone 12 Pro devices.

In addition, Apple is bringing the Portrait function for taking images with a blurred background to the movie mode, claims Bloomberg. Apple would call that Cinematic Video and just like with the photo function, the background is artificially blurred. The degree of blur can be selected both before and after. Several high-end Android phones already support such a feature when filming.

In addition to the camera upgrades, the new iPhones will receive modest improvements, according to Bloomberg. The design and dimensions would be unchanged, although the notch on the new models would be slightly smaller. Furthermore, a new A15-soc is expected and the phones may get 120Hz screens. It is not yet known when Apple will present its new iPhones. The company usually does this in September, but last year it was postponed to October.

Camera island iPhone 13/13 Pro. Source: MacRumors

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