Bloomberg: Multiple developers are making games for a 4k version of the Switch

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Bloomberg reports that at least 11 development studios have received tools from Nintendo to be able to experience Switch games in 4k. This would mean that Nintendo is working on a console with 4k support. Nintendo denies the rumours.

The developers who, according to Bloomberg, have received a 4k development kit from Nintendo, are said to have told the news agency that the 4k console will be released at the end of next year at the earliest. Bloomberg says it has spoken to employees at 11 studios who all confirm this rumor. It would concern both large and small game companies. As an example, Bloomberg cites Zynga Inc., the developer of the Farmville series. A Zynga spokesperson denies the rumor that one of its employees would just confirm to Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, it is not a completely new console, but a new version of the Nintendo Switch. The new development kit would generally be the same as the ‘regular’ Switch kit, except it has more built-in memory and 4k support when the console is connected to the TV. The news site reports that when Nintendo unveiled the OLED version of the Switch earlier this year, 4k dev kits were also distributed.

Nintendo has already responded to the article from Bloomberg. According to the game company, the message “falsely” claims that Nintendo is handing out tools for a Switch console that supports 4k quality. The company emphasizes that there are “no plans” for a new model in addition to the OLED version that will be released next week.

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