Bloomberg: ‘iPhones this year will be an S-update’

It does not take long before the new iPhones are presented. When it comes to predicting the functions of the new models, there is no one better than Apple expert Mark Gurman of Bloomberg . He published his summary yesterday about what he expects from the new iPhones. According to Gurman we get a so-called S-update this year – so new models that are especially faster and have a better camera. You do not, however, have to expect large new functions. However, according to Gurman – in line with expectations – we get a total of three new iPhones. We put everything in order.


Two successors iPhone X

All three iPhones get according to Gurman and display with minuscule edges, as we already know from the iPhone X . Because there is therefore no room for a home button, all models are equipped with face recognition Face ID. The most important new iPhone will probably be the second generation of the iPhone X. This will get a 5.8-inch oled display, a faster processor and an improved dual camera. In addition to the flagship, we get a larger version with a 6.5-inch OLED display, which, like the other Plus models, offers more space for apps and photos.

Budget 6.1-inch iPhone

A new 6.1-inch iPhone becomes the budget model this year. It is the successor of the iPhone 8 and comes in different colors – reportedly red, orange and blue. The frame is also made of aluminum instead of stainless steel. So it looks more like the models before the iPhone X. In the 6.1-inch model, Apple continues to use an LCD screen instead of the more expensive OLED technology. The production of the OLED iPhones started in July, the LCD models started in August.

Dual-sim, but not everywhere

Apple wants to offer the two larger iPhones for the first time with a dual-sim so you do not have to switch between sim cards. However, this is only offered in certain regions. What possibilities users have on the software side with the dual-sim is still not clear. Apple already offers some iPads with a permanently integrated Apple SIM, where you can add your own SIM card as a user. The two cards at the same time, however, is not there.


About the prices of the iPhones from 2018 is still nothing definite known. In the run-up to the keynote, analysts have predicted that Apple wants to lower the price. The larger 6.5-inch iPhone gets the same price as the iPhone X now, the other devices become cheaper. You can read more about this in our price overview .

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