Bloomberg: Apple Watch may get a thermometer to determine a fever

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Several new versions of the Apple Watch would get a thermometer this year to determine if a user has a fever. That reports financial news agency Bloomberg. The watch will not work like a regular clinical thermometer.

Apple Watch Series 7

The new versions of the Apple Watch can only advise taking the temperature with a regular thermometer if it deduces that you have a fever, Bloomberg author Mark Gurman writes in his newsletter. The Watch is not going to guess an exact temperature, but probably only detects and displays a large fluctuation in temperature.

The regular Apple Watch and the sturdy sports edition of the clock would get the sensor. In addition to these two variants, according to Gurman, there will also be an SE version without this sensor, Gurman reports. It is one of the new health functions of the clock.

The AirPods Pro, of which a new version will also be released this year, does not have a heart rate monitor or thermometer on board, says Gurman. Apple did research and consider that, but both features didn’t make it to this year’s version. The last AirPods Pro came out at the end of 2019.

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