Bloomberg: Apple to unveil Mac mini with more ports this fall

Apple would like to present a new version of the Mac mini this fall with more connections, an M1X soc and a new design. So says Bloomberg author Mark Gurman. Last year there was already a Mac mini with M1-soc.

The new Mac mini would serve as a replacement for the current Intel model, which is still for sale, writes Bloomberg according to MacRumors. Gurman wrote about the Mac mini in his newsletter, which only appears online in an abridged version. That abbreviated version doesn’t contain the information about the Mac mini.

Among other things, the new Mac mini would have more ports and a new design. Telecom journalist Jon Prosser said a few months ago that it concerns four USB-C ports, two USB-A connections, HDMI and Ethernet. This is evident from the renders he published. He assumed Apple would showcase the device at its WWDC developer conference in June, but that didn’t happen.

The top of the Mac mini is also said to be made of plexiglass instead of aluminum. Apple currently still has both versions of the Mac mini for sale. The cheaper variant has an M1 soc from Apple itself, while the more expensive one has an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 of the eighth generation, Coffee Lake.