Blizzard Reports Major Overwatch Patch Requires Reinstallation

The upcoming Overwatch patch is so voluminous that it will require a reinstall of the game. The patch is for the game client and will make many changes in the backend. It is not yet known when the patch will be released.

Drakuloth, a Blizzard customer service representative, posted about the patch on the Overwatch forum. In it, he assures the players that they will be informed in time of the release of the patch.

“The amount of backend changes we’re going to make is so great that we won’t be able to patch the current content efficiently, so the client will automatically reinstall to accommodate these changes,” says Drakuloth of the required reinstall.

In an email to Kotaku, Blizzard responded that in addition to backend changes, the patch should also optimize loading time for older or less powerful PCs and reduce the space the game takes up on the PlayStation 4 hard drive. The development team claims that PC players who have the public test server version of Overwatch will experience a ‘much shorter’ installation time of the game.