Blizzard adds Starcraft character Probius to Heroes of the Storm

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The new hero Probius, from Starcraft, will be available to players of Heroes of the Storm on March 15th. Probius is classified as a ‘ranged specialist’. It is a vulnerable hero who will mainly operate from a distance with high burst damage and crowd control.

Probius is a small flying probe that resembles a fish. The hero has a number of different abilities to keep control of opponents and inflict heavy damage on them. The passive property of Probius is a 10 percent higher locomotion speed because it floats above the ground. Optionally, the hero can also choose to get 50 percent more speed for five seconds. In addition, the probe is able to create two pylons that provide a view of a specific area. His heroic abilities include strengthening a pylon and creating a protective shield capable of slowing opponents by 80 percent for four seconds and also dealing damage when touched.

In addition, Probius has the ability to create a Photon Cannon, which can deal damage to opponents for eleven seconds. Probius can keep enemies under control with a Warp Rift, which slows opponents down by 20 percent for nine seconds. He can fight enemies with a Disruption Pulse, a beam that deals damage; if the core of a warp rift is hit by the beam, an explosion follows that deals even more damage.

The background story with Probius is that he has always wanted to prove himself. Despite its small size, it made a big impact by moving a crucial pylon during the recapture of Aius. Probius is the bravest of the existing probes eager to fulfill his role in the Nexus.

This new hero will be released on March 15, but will appear on the public test realm next week. A new update of Heroes of the Storm will also be released next week. This patch adds a few new things to the game, such as an overview at the top of the screen with all the health and energy meters of all friends and enemies on the map. Tracking hero kills has also been made even easier, with a new list on the side of the in-game screen that keeps track of who beat whom. High-level players of the moba game are better informed the moment the playing field is set on fire; if a hero is on fire, the portrait of this hero will glow with flames as an indication. The new update is also good news for tanks; these characters get more armor.

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